Laila Los
PROJECTS is my personal website. You can view it, well... right here. Have a look around. You can also have a peak at the source code here.

I built it to showcase some of my projects, and pictures. The websites is entierly my own, and not built on any pre-existing templates / css frameworks. It was made using Svelte and SvelteKit. The site pulls all its data from a Directus instance, so that I can create and edit it's content from an online interface without redeploying. It runs on a self hosted server with Docker, Nginx, Postgres as a database and Redis as a cache.

I am particullarly proud of the gallery component, which displays all of a galleries images at once. It places the images so that they always form a rectangle together, leaving no gaps, yet does this without changing the aspect ratios of any of the images. If this placement causes an image to become large, the component automatically fetches a higher quality version of the specific image from directus, so that it doesn't look blurry.

Overall I am very happy with the way the website turned out.